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Totem Book 1 Scars

“Totem is beautifully written and a joy to read.” So says Jack Magnus of Readers’ Favorite, who gives Totem (Book 1: Scars) a 5-Star review.

Available on AmazonTotem Book 1 Scars by C Michael Lorion is a genre-bending story that blends Native American fiction, supernatural thriller, time travel, and horror into an exciting new skinwalkers series. Filled with people struggling with psychological and physical scars, as well as characters in a desperate fight to gain the Totem magic, Totem (Book 1: Scars) is the first installment in a promising new trilogy.

Kimi and Achak are like most teenage siblings–they don’t get along too well. Not since that day Kimi fell from the tree and told her family the story of how the tree saved her. That day changed her life, and changed Achak’s attitude toward her. Their sibling rivalry, however, is the only thing Kimi and Achak have in common with others their age living in Massachusetts. For one thing, they’re Native American. For another, they’ve been alive for more than three hundred years. And they have supernatural powers. And they’ve found a way to travel back from the past to the land their tribe once possessed.

Totem Book 1 Scars

This is not good news for the inhabitants of Old Wachusett, Massachusetts. Because one of these siblings is on a mission to exact revenge for a long-forgotten atrocity. That is, forgotten by the people living in Old Wachusett now, but not by the tribe that once lived there. The tribe that is still alive…somewhere. The other sibling is determined to do whatever it takes, even at the highest personal sacrifice, to ensure that no one in Old Wachusett dies.

But people will die. As the blizzard of ’78 descends upon Old Wachusett on that fateful February morning, they will die from natural causes…as well as unnatural ones. Especially all the twins that live in Old Wachusett, for their fate is tied up with the magic of the Totem. Whoever finds the Totem first, and figures out how to use it, will hold the ultimate power over everyone’s fate in Old Wachusett.

Abby and Josh, two teens trying to figure out how their relationship went so wrong, while at the same time struggling through their own psychological scars and trying to keep their families from falling apart amidst personal tragedies, find themselves on the frontline of the assault on Old Wachusett. They have no idea what is happening around them and to them, but they better figure it out fast because, also unknown to them, they are the keys to stopping an ancient, supernatural evil that has its sights set on destroying anything and anyone that gets in its way of satisfying its thirst for revenge by unlocking the magic of the Totem, thereby unleashing unspeakable horror upon the inhabitants of Old Wachusett.

Four teenagers in personal and emotional turmoil. Two cultures, one form the past and one in the present, about to clash in a most horrific manner. One quaint, unsuspecting city in the crossfire whose destiny hangs in the balance, and whose fate will be determined by the actions of Kimi, Achak, Abby, and Josh.

Totem (Book 1: Scars) is the first installment in the Totem Trilogy, a new skinwalkers series that will span one year in the fight for survival of Old Wachusett and its inhabitants, both present and past.

The Totem trilogy, with Totem (Book 2: Ashes) due for release early 2015, seeks to raise the standard in the genre-bending field of supernatural horror, time travel, and Native American fiction.

Begin the Totem Trilogy…if you dare.

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